Our expertise

ARQ International has a small core team, with access to a wider ring of experts (+/- 30) at ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre with expertise in clinical support, research, policy & guidelines, staff support, MHPSS interventions and capacity strengthening. We also have an extensive international network of MHPSS professionals and organizations with whom we collaborate.

Specific areas of expertise within ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre and ARQ International:

  • Psycho trauma (prevention and treatment) and Social trauma (community/society level)
  • Mental Health aspects and consequences of Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV)
  • (Supporting) mental health and wellbeing of families/children
  • Linking MHPSS and peace building/(psycho)social impact of conflict and crisis
  • Staff care
  • (Traumatic) grief
  • (Mental Health consequences of) forced migration
  • Bridging the gap between MHPSS research and practice