Our history

ARQ has its roots in the Second World War. In the years following his war, survivors and mental health professionals came to realize the importance of psychological and social support for people to be able to truly rebuild their lives. ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre has an extensive track record in clinical support and the recognition of World War II survivors, veterans and refugees in the Netherlands since 1973. ARQ International was founded in 1997, by than as WarTrauma Foundation.

Our Founding Father

WarTrauma Foundation was founded by Maurits Cohen in 1997. For years, Cohen had campaigned for psychological assistance to victims of the Second World War. The striking images of the Balkan refugees in the late 1990s inspired him to set up psychological assistance for victims of today’s conflicts: the initiation of WarTrauma Foundation.

“We realized there was an immense need for psychosocial help and that what we had learned could be made available in regions suffering from war and post-war conditions.” Maurits Cohen, founding father WarTrauma Foundation

WarTrauma becomes ARQ International

WarTrauma Foundation soon broadened its geographic focus and started programs in other conflict affected regions, spreading their work to Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and the Middle East. As of January 2020, WarTrauma Foundation has become ARQ International, the international department of ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre, based in The Netherlands.

"The merge with ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre is an opportunity for WarTrauma Foundation. ARQ employs a large number of experts with knowledge and expertise on the prevention of psycho trauma after crises and conflicts. As ARQ International we are now direct colleagues and we can really join forces. The merge helps us to do more, to do better." Dr. Annelieke Drogendijk, director of ARQ International