Guest editor Dr Mohammad Abo-Hilal

Dr Mohammad Abo-Hilal is a Syrian psychiatrist. He is a trainer and supervisor in mental health and protection. He is the founder of the ‘Syria Bright Future’, a Syrian organisation specialising in MHPSS and Protection, and is also the co- founder of several other NGOs that are active in Syria in the context of MHPSS, protection of women and youth empowerment. Over the last nine years, he has designed and supervised many MHPSS programmes and projects to support Syrians, both inside Syria and in neighbouring countries. He has authored and co-authored several research papers about mental health of Syrians including:

Abo-Hilal, M. & Hoogstad, M. (2013) Syrian mental health professionals as refugees in Jordan: establishing mental health services for fellow refugees. Intervention, 2(1), 89-93.

He has a special interest in adapting MHPSS curriculums to the Syrian culture. He is a PM+ trainer and supervisor and is currently an Advisory Board member of the STRENGTHS project in which PM+ and its derivatives are being applied to Syrian refugees in Syria and other countries.

PM+ has provided a solution for the work of psychosocial workers and case managers at a critical time in the complex context such as the Syrian one. It is a valuable tool for non-specialised MHPSS workers to help the high number of people who are in need of psychosocial support.