November 2020 issue

Welcome to the second issue of Intervention in 2020 with its new look in terms of design and colour scheme. This issue of Intervention features some articles about COVID-19, reflecting some of the work going on in providing mental and psychosocial support in the face of the pandemic. Our issue also features some important articles highlighting research in relation to children, adults or family members affected by violence, displacement and conflict. 

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Whatever is happening where you are, I hope we are all able to find ways of acting in solidarity with one another. We all continue to need support, compassion and kindness at this time.

Wendy Ager | MSc, Editor in Chief, Intervention


Two personal reflections: from Ethiopia and from Greece

We are also pleased to bring to your attention to two personal reflections in our issue this time, one by Nhial Wicleek and the other by Gialama and McGilloway. Nhial Wicleek writes a deeply personal account of his journey as a child in a refugee camp in Ethiopia to being a psychotherapist as an adult and able to provide assistance himself back in Ethiopia. Gialama and McGilloway provide a reflection on their work in Lesbos, Greece, drawing on subsequent insights about mental health and psychosocial support and adding commentary on the recent fire in Moria Camp which destroyed the camp there.

Read the personal reflection of Nhial Wicleek, Ethopia 

Read the personal reflection of Gialama and McGilloway, Greece