The Occupied Palestinian Territory

In the context of the military occupation of the Palestinian territory (oPt), Palestinians in the West Bank continue to be subject to a complex system of physical and bureaucratic barriers, imposed by Israel citing security concerns, which restrict their right to freedom of movement, undermine livelihoods, and increase dependency on humanitarian aid.



Within such a generally depressing situation people try to maintain a degree of normalcy to their lives. At the same time, as a result of the prolonged nature of the occupation, the resilience of Palestinians under occupation is under threat. Palestinian households are struggling to cope with prolonged stresses to their livelihoods.
(Humanitarian Response Plan, OCHA).

Our role

ARQ and its partner organisation the Institute for Community and Public Health, University of Birzeit (oPt) developed a programme to support families: the Multi-Family Approach, which is based on Multi-Family Therapy (Asen, 2010) and equips community workers to facilitate support groups for families.


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