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Intervention, Journal of Mental Health and Psychosocial Support in Conflict Affected Areas, is a peer reviewed journal, which is hosted by ARQ International. The journal offers a platform for active exchange and collaboration between practitioners, humanitarian workers, academics, policy makers and mental health care professionals.

Intervention publishes a range of different articles, including original evidence-based articles, field reports and personal reflections on field experiences. The inclusion of academics and practitioners from low- and middle-income countries is an important part of the journal’s mission. Translating lived experiences of mental health support in conflict areas to evidence-based interventions is one of the main ambitions of the journal.

ARQ International closely collaborates with the Editor-in-Chief, Wendy Ager. Supported by the Editorial Board, comprised of six professionals in the field of MHPSS. Intervention releases two issues per year.

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Given the aims and scope of the journal, Intervention explicitly encourages papers and reports from low resource countries’ experts and authors and promotes collaboration between authors from high and low resource countries.

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