Call for papers on Suicide Prevention and Response

Suicide prevention and reponse, special section. Submit by November 30, 2020.

Intervention plans to devote a special section on suicide prevention and response in the September 2021 issue, accompanied by webinars for practitioners. It will be dedicated largely to insights into suicide prevention efforts in the Middle East, but will include contributions from other regions to share relevant lessons learned and emerging perspectives regarding suicide prevention. The proposal for the special section has been developed in collaboration with GIZ’s regional project, ‘Psychosocial Support for Syrian/Iraqi Refugees and IDPs.’

If you are involved in any suicide prevention activities or programmes and/or have lived experience in this area, we would welcome your contributions. We particularly welcome those who may wish to publish their work for the first time and in these circumstances, we offer support in revising submitted manuscripts for publication.

The articles of the special section will be published in English and Arabic. A group of guest editors will be invited to join Wendy Ager, editor in chief, Intervention, in reviewing the submissions. Deadline November 30,2020. 

Call for papers on Suicide Prevention and Response in English

Call for papers on Suicide Prevention and Response in Arabic

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Watch this video to raise awareness on #WSPD 

With this video - with Lea Zeinoun, executive director of Embrace Lebanon - we want to encourage fieldworkers and people with lived experience to submit their work to Intervention, to help raise awareness and build knowledge.