March 2021 issue

Welcome to the first issue of Intervention in 2021. This issue includes a special section on Problem Management Plus (PM+) and related interventions. The first three articles have a broader focus than those in the special section. 

  • ARQ professor Dückers reviews methods used for disaster response evaluation and barriers to scale up. One of the reviewers commented that this is a very relevant but understudied area of work in mental health and psychosocial support and so we hope this article will contribute to the field.
  • Verghis et al. describes the experiences of Health Equity Initiatives, a nongovernmental organisation, in providing mental health and psychosocial support to refugees and asylum seekers during the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia.
  • Olmert has an unusual focus and is probably a first for Intervention in describing an animal-assisted psychosocial intervention for survivors of the war in Uganda through the facilitation of human-dog companionship.

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Special section on Problem Management Plus

We are very pleased to present 16 articles in the special section on PM+. We were seeking to document learning in the implementation of PM+ in various settings and feel we have achieved this goal. The collection here − written by a diverse range of authors − provides a rarely offered account of PM+ outside of randomised controlled settings and one that orients itself toward solving the practical problems of providing mental health and psychosocial support interventions in low resource and humanitarian settings.

This special section shows that there is a small but prolific and growing body of work on the feasibility and scaling up of PM+ in humanitarian field settings. 

Wendy Ager | MSc, Editor in Chief, Intervention

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