Webinar on Problem Management Plus

Sharing experiences: a dialogue about training, supervision and implementation of PM+

Intervention hosted a webinar on the topic of Problem Management Plus on April 13th 2021. We invited four practitioners with articles in the March issue of Intervention to talk about PM+ as a springboard for dialogue with the CoP. Sharing thoughts, experiences and questions with peers on training, supervision and implementation.

Watch the recording of the webinar on PM+


Programme of the webinar


  • Welcome: Relinde Reiffers (ARQ National Psychotrauma Centre) and Mohammad Abo-Hilal (Syria Bright Future)
  • Introduction Intervention and the PM+ special section by Wendy Ager (Editor in Chief Intervention)
  • Training & Supervision - dialogue
    Anna Goloktionova (Medicos del Mundo Mission) and Liyam Eloul (The Center for Victims of Torture)

Bringing Problem Management Plus to Ukraine: Reflections on the Past and Ways Forward.

A field report on the pilot implementation of PM+ with lay providers in an Eritrean refugee setting in Ethiopia.

  • Implementation - dialogue
    Fátima Rodríguez-Cuevas (Companeros En Salud Angel Albino Corzo) and Hivine Ali (UNHCR)

Living Six Hours Away from Mental Health Specialists: Enabling Access to Psychosocial Mental Health Services Through the Implementation of Problem Management Plus Delivered by Community Health Workers in Rural Chiapas, Mexico.

Addressing Mental Health and Psychosocial Needs in Displacement: How a stateless person from Syria became a refugee and community helper in Iraq.

  • Panel discussion with Anna Goloktionova, Liyam Eloul, Fátima Rodríguez-Cuevas and Hivine Ali


Watch the recording of this webinar here